Philly BarCraft
Mikey's American Grill & Bar
MLG Columbus
March 25th 2012
7:00pm - 7:00pm

Mikey's American Grill & Bar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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We are pleased to bring you the MLG Winter Championships Sunday March 25th. Even better, PhillyBarCraft has moved! Our new home is Mikey’s American Grill and Sports Bar at 3180 Chestnut Street. Mikey’s is home to 8 large tvs, one of which faces the outdoor seating area. This means you will have a clear view of the action no matter where you sit, even outside! Well surely that’s all the exciting news for today… not so fast! To really get the party going we will be joined by the Red Bull Wing Girls. They will be setting up an outdoor bar and some extra seating. The bar will also be having a special, $5 Red Bull/vodkas. Finally we will be raffling off multiple prizes, everything from PhillyBarCraft t-shirts to Mikey’s gift cards.

You asked for a new venue and you got it. Now we need you guys to come out in force. The more support we get the bigger and better our events will be. Philly is home to some really large and really great sports bars. If we continue to grow like this it wont be long before we are taking over even larger bars! Help us support eSports and put on some unforgettable events!

RSVP and details at

(note we can not hold a seat for anyone, even if you RSVP we recommend that you try not to come too late)

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