BarCraft ATX
MLG Spring Arena 2
May 20th 2012
7:00pm - 7:00pm

Pluckers, Austin, Texas, USA

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MLG Spring Arena 2 is upon us, and I’m excited to have another barcraft in the ATX on Sunday, May 20th 1PM – 5PM!

Red Bull Battlegrounds is sponsoring our upcoming BarCraft ATX with 40 free Red Bull Vodkas, 6 VIP tickets to Day 1 of Battlegrounds and 6 VIP tickets to Day 2 of Battlegrounds! That’s $240+ in tickets and $200 in drinks!

!!VIP tickets = mezzanine seats with free food and drinks!!

Star Nation will also be handing out some swag from SteelSeries and TteSports. GGWP is sending us t-shirts to give away also!

Buy your Red Bull Battleground tickets if you know you’re going to come!

Day 1 –
Day 2 –

Make sure to use the Austin BarCraft Promo code: 8M4KZX

If we get enough promo codes entered, we could get a future barcraft sponsored by RedBull with all sorts of swag! :)

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